Delivering perfect results since 1991

For over twenty-seven years, 5CT has been offering its services mainly to large, medium and small-size clients. Our SOFTRAN subsidiary ( handles the computer, software, telecommunication, scientific, and high-tech fields. Our FCT subsidiary (French Canadian Translation) ( handles translations from English (all) to French (all) and French (all) to English (all). When you wish to offer your products and/or services in another language, our seasoned certified professionals can meet the challenge. Our staff is made up of people who are experts in both translation and the field in question. The translator's and proofreader's mother tongue is always the one being translated to. Our accurate translation of your material ensures that the reader understands perfectly. We stress creative adaptation so that the finished product takes into account all pertinent language idioms, expressions, and thought processes of the destination language. This allows us to completely adapt (localize, internationalize) products or services for foreign markets. We take care of all aspects of quality control; preparing and updating glossaries, revision, proofreading, simulation, testing, etc. We also offer typesetting, desktop publishing, computer graphics, binding, packaging, and even disk or CD-ROM duplication. In other words, we can handle the entire project. Our firm is solidly established and a leader in its field, thanks to its professionalism, discretion, observing budgets and deadlines, and competitive rates. Our customers are industry giants, academic institutions, government institutions, software development firms, consulting firms, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, etc. They all benefit from the high quality of our services. 

By ensuring that your message is clear and your image and reputation are highlighted and protected, we can help you open up vast markets for your products and/or services.